Digital Economics

Nick Srnicek is a Lecturer in Digital Economy at King's College London. He is the author of Platform Capitalism (Polity, 2016) which sets out a framework for understanding the novelties of businesses like Google, Amazon, and Alibaba – as well as how digital platforms generate new tendencies within our economies. His first book, Inventing the Future (Verso, 2015 with Alex Williams), was an attempt to elaborate an anti-work politics in the context of modern technological changes. In this lecture, Nick shares with us some findings from his up-coming book on the AI revolution as well as some of the tensions between super powers of private corporation and state.

Utopia Versus the Family

Sophie Lewis is a writer, translator, visiting scholar at the Alice Paul Center of the University of Pennsylvania, and part-time faculty member at the Philadelphia branch of the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. Sophie's interdisciplinary work blends queer feminist theorizing and cultural criticism, interrogating "nature" and social reproduction in an anti-work utopian mode. Her essays have appeared in many journals including Feminist Theory, Feminist Review, The London Review of Books, The New York Times and many more. Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family (Verso, 2019) is her first book.

Direct Action Design

Rosie is a designer and art director at Greenpeace UK. Greenpeace is an independent, international campaigning organisation that holds corporate and government power to account over inaction on climate change and environmental destruction. With a long and successful history in non-violent campaigning for the environment, Greenpeace UK specialises in designing creative direct actions that intervene in physical and narrative public space. In this lecture Rosie talks about her role in specific Direct Action Design projects as well as some of the theory and history of the role of design in protest movements.