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Fahrenheit 0010101101… investigates the cultivation of identity through digital platforms, and the curated experience that they provide.

‘reddit’ is the largest anonymous forum on the internet. It has gained infamy as a point of organisation for the alt-right on pro-Trump ‘subreddit’,, a community made of 800,000+ users. The forum plays an outsized role in shaping the tone and content of pro-Trump internet discourse and is a rallying point for violent and lethal protests such as Charlottesville

Instead of banning the community, reddit chose to ‘quarantine’ it, hiding content from regular users but allowing the community to exist. The ‘quarantine’ is still easily accessible, creating further toxicity and causing an increase, rather than decrease, in its user base.

Reddit and other media platforms quarantining information solves their PR problems, but only adds to the current polarised discourse. Such platforms create a hyper-curated drip feed of content, tailored to the individual. The project speculates that there will come a time when we not only allow this hyper-curation to take place, but actively seek it.

What if you never had to see anything you disagree with again? Introducing Quarantine+, The Internet’s Best Content Blocker.