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The massive rise in access to 3D technology has impacted both commercial and creative culture immeasurably over the past decade. What started mainly in the architecture, gaming and high-level animation world has trickled down via computing power such that anyone with a  computer can participate in our collective fascination with the “uncanny valley.” Nowhere is this more true than in our ability to represent, amend and animate representations of the body.

But the visual identities that occupy this space are still subject to the idealized male gaze of those who create most of these softwares.

This project, Inspired by Hal Fisher’s “Gay Semiotics” work, takes into consideration the “default” characters, many of which are served up for free in software packages and on the myriad 3D model sites. If you search for “woman” you routinely have options that are clearly the result of male fantasy rather than actual women. This is simultaneously exciting and disturbing.